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The Not Another Tavern Podcast is an actual play podcast focused on long-form storytelling while exploring Fantasy Tropes and a variety of Roleplaying Games. This show is presented by Dice For Brains and focus on character and story development with an emphasis on bringing new players to the table. The podcast is hosted by David Wright and features actors, artists, storytellers and straight-up nerds coming together to produce an organically forming narrative adventure every episode. This first season we touch on the idea of Prophecy, Bandit Lairs, and Unknown Magic. The adventure begins in the Drunken Stoat Tavern and is set in the Tortured Marsh, in the E’rwylde; and uses the FATE Accelerated Roleplaying Game. The second season focuses on imperial evils on the general population and the rebellions the rise up to fight them. The adventure begins in a cantina located on the Deathstar and uses FFG's Star Wars RPG.
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May 21, 2018

If you missed the episodes airing on the WotC Dungeon Delve feed, here is our DnD oneshot for the new Tome of Foes book. A troupe of friends stumble into a sweet shop which has a curious effect on their memory. They must piece together the day if they have any hope of surviving.

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Mar 18, 2018

With the assistance and instruction of a new friend, RHK-1 leads his human associates on a daring rescue mission. The Death Star escape plan is full of situational complications the group is ill-equipped to deal with.

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Feb 25, 2018

Fresh after the destruction of Alderaan, Jemini and Otis have decided to abandon their posts in the Empire as insisted by the Rebel droid RHK-1. They find a particular skillset is required to escape a stronghold like the Deathstar.

Feb 19, 2018

A droid with a secret called RHK-1 is planning an escape from the space station known as the Death Star. It will need the help of human allies and a catalyst for their participation if it has any hope of fulfilling its programming.